Someone made Frasier's apartment with LEGO

LEGO has an ideas section where people can suggest new ideas for their sets. I spotted this idea by Ian Chance Bradshaw to make Frasier’s condo and it’s quite stylish:

Frasier fans will quickly recognize his eclectic, high-end furniture, exotic decorations, and famous, abstract artwork, which I have neatly adapted to LEGO’s tone and style. Finally, you can recreate your favourite scenes, or throw elaborate but ill-fated dinner parties for a coterie of endlessly critical guests.

Frasier’s Condo features six original minifigures: snooty radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane, his ex-wife, Lilith Sternin, his charming producer, Roz Doyle, his fastidious brother, Niles Crane, their down-to-earth father, Martin Crane, and his eccentric physical therapist, Daphne Moon.  

I designed Frasier’s Condo intermittently over the course of several months, beginning in April, 2020. My ideas were inspired and informed by many brilliant creators and creations, especially ALegoLass and their interpretation of Frasier’s condo. Although my idea is complete, I would like to eventually introduce Martin’s dog, Eddie.

As of today, this project has 34 days left so leave your support if you want this to be an official LEGO thing.

Follow the project on Twitter: @realLEGOFrasier

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