Dark patterns on the Dominos pizza web

I found this really interesting case study on Dominos and how they use dark patterns to overcharge for their pizza and sides. It centres on their “Deal Wizard”, enticing vouchers, and a bunch of UX psychology that makes you think you’re getting a better deal than you actually are.

Perhaps, similar to how popular celebrities often get away lightly with bad behaviour, household corporations like Dominos and Pizza Hut are big enough for consumers to be misled, without ramifications.

But a great user experience is built on trust and clarity—and for the vast majority of start-ups, that’s paramount.

I don’t think I’ve been burnt by their Deal Wizard as I often check prices with or without its help but who knows. I’ll scrutinise a bit harder next time and if they rip me off I’ll… not call the police; that’s too far.

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