Concrete Melbourne Map is a showcase of the city's brutalist architecture

Melbourne Teachers’ College Library (Building 138)
Melbourne Teachers’ College Library (Building 138) (now Eastern Precinct Resource Centre, University of Melbourne) by Egglestone, MacDonald & Secomb, 1968-71 (credit: Clinton Weaver for Blue Crow Media)

If you’ve ever admired the brutalism that adorns Melbourne, Australia, you might have wanted to find more. Luckily, Blue Crow Media have you covered with their Concrete Melbourne Map. The compact map showcases the city’s brutalist architecture with 50 buildings detailed on the reverse.

Everything from the Cardinal Knox Centre in East Melbourne (which controversially replaced Saint Patrick’s College in 1971) to National Bank House, in the heart of the city, is covered on Concrete Melbourne Map.

Shout out to Glenn Harper (he also took the photos for Blue Crow Media’s Brutalist Sydney Map), and Clinton Weaver for the photography. The black-and-white shots are superb.

City brutalism related: Concrete Montreal Map, Boston’s brutalism, the brutalism of Seattle, and Brutalist Paris.

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