Black Film Archive's Black History Month film list

Whether you need some audiovisual content to complement the books you’re reading during Black History Month or you’d prefer films as a replacement for books, Black Film Archive’s 28 Black Films for the 28 Days of Black History Month has you covered:

[…] In building the second edition of 28 films for 28 days of Black History Month (the first predates Black Film Archive and is here) I thought a lot about Black refusal in film. When I watch a movie, I often ponder the space where the script (or Hollywood idea of what the film is) ends, and Black stars and directors use their instincts to bring subtle (and non-subtle) gestures and life to a world that would not have it otherwise. The films selected here are constructing worlds that embody pain, joy, love, and laughter to bring the fullness of Black life to us all.

Black History Month is a serious business to me. However you choose to celebrate this season, I hope it brings you peace, joy, and an abundance of great cinema.

Maya Cade

It’s another case of “some you’ll know and some you won’t” but they’re all worth a watch if you make the time.

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