A grocery store but it's made out of plastic

Robin Frohardt, The Plastic Bag Store in downtown Los Angeles (credit: Renée Reizman)

If you worry about all the plastic packaging you get from your weekly shop, count yourself lucky you don’t shop at The Plastic Bag Store:

The store is the creation of artist, playwright, and puppet designer Robin Frohardt, who has teamed up with the Center for the Art of Performance (CAP) UCLA to transport the The Plastic Bag Store from New York’s Times Square to Los Angeles. In Frohardt’s immersive installation, the cereal rattles like it’s filled with bottle caps, the water bottles are filled with a dirty, cloudy liquid, and advertisements for faraway dollar stores are printed on the banana peels. Frohardt has collected thousands of plastic objects, like salad containers, floss sticks, and lighters, and transformed them into uncanny replicas of common grocery store foods, like tomatoes, rotisserie chicken, and pre-packaged sushi.

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