Rhythm & Reaction – An exhibition about jazz in UK culture

Figures engaged in dance known as 'The Lindy Hop' Artist:Miguel Covarrubias (Mexican, Mexico City 1904–1957 Mexico City)

2018 will bring with it a look at jazz’s influence on UK culture over the last 90 years in Rhythm & Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain.

Rhythm & Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain will run from Saturday 27th January to Sunday 22nd April 2018 at Two Temple Place, London. It will feature art, crafts, prints, music, and literature examining the power of jazz on Britain through the years.

The exhibition will be curated by Catherine Tackley, Professor and Head of Music at the University of Liverpool and one of the UK’s leading authorities on jazz.

Check out the exhibition page for more info.

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