When Joanne the Scammer Visited Britain

When Joanne the Scammer Visited Britain

A very insightful 20-minute documentary on Branden Miller, the man behind Joanne the Scammer, and his journey to Britain for the first time. Getting to see both sides of the Joanne coin makes for interesting viewing and you become more appreciative of the performer as well as the performance. There were wonderful dresses and lots of sightseeing in that classic Joanne style.

Update: It appears the video was cancelled so enjoy this Caucasian tweet. Iconic!

Update 2: I found the video on Facebook but uploaded it to my server because I don’t trust Meta to keep it there. Please note: this video is about 1.5GB in size so keep that in mind before watching. It’s recommended to watch this with a WiFi connection and maybe avoid clicking the link if you’re on a mobile data plan that isn’t unlimited.

Stream the trailer below.

Joanne The Scammer Takes Britain: Behind Branden Miller's Rise To Fame | Instant Exclusive | INSTANT

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