Hot Meat Cleaver Meets 10 Lighters In Heated Encounter

I don’t know why a hot meat cleaver appeared as a recommended video on YouTube, but I’m glad it did.

When you see a title like “EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree MEAT CHOPPER vs 10 Lighters”, questions form in your mind. I had my own hypothesis of what would happen given the circumstances and I was happy to be proved right. There’s only one way this could have gone but I didn’t expect it to get that bad. As far as I can tell, nobody got seriously hurt but like the famous disclaimer says: don’t try this at home.

I won’t spoil it but it’s fairly obvious what happens when a metal blade at 1000°C combines with butane (the gas found in lighters). I cannot WAIT for the 1000 degree MEAT CLEAVER comes up against 10 sticks of TNT. Talk about an explosive match up!

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