For the last day of Pride...

I think I found this on MLTSHP but can’t remember now. Someone’s been painting rainbows on abandoned houses in Asheville, North Carolina. ABC News 13 called it vandalism but the house is being demolished anyway:

The property was recently acquired by Pisgah Legal Services, a nonprofit that assists Western North Carolina residents with free civil legal aid and anti-poverty advocacy. Because the house is a safety hazard, it is scheduled for demolition next week. The demolition, however, was planned before the painting occurred.

“We are allies to the LGBTQ+ community, so we certainly don’t want folks to think the house is being destroyed because of the rainbow design,” said Evie White, communications director for Pisgah Legal Services. “That is certainly not the case.”

Let the LGBTQ+ community have this without criminal accusations, you bums! (News 13, not Pisgah Legal Services)

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