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Stoic Elite

I endorse the virtues of stoicism.

Its fundamental principles aim to strip away the products of negativity and show a path to happiness. This is done by accepting things you can’t control and focussing on the things you can. This is a lot easier said than done and by no means applicable to every human event (like death for example). My mum bought be a book on stoicism for Christmas and I happened upon an Instagram account dedicated to the philosophy a few weeks ago.

Stoic Elite offer a “simplified” approach to Stoicism, sharing quotes from the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus. They then provide food for thought and engage with followers through these questions. Think of each post as free bitesize counselling sessions on the most basic level imaginable. I’ve found myself stopping and contemplating my life through the teachings of the Seneca et al but the best part of the account is the engagement; knowing other people are going through similar situations can often help rationalise your own experiences.

As superficial as Instagram can be, it can pop up with some great accounts and this is one of them. Give them a try.

Stoic Elite on Instagram

Stoic Elite on Instagram

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