What’s your favourite AI ice cream flavour?


“Once and future Kottke.org guest editor” Aaron Cohen is an ice cream shop owner in Somerville, Massachusetts.

And as an ice cream professional, he knows a thing or two about the cold stuff. He wrote about a researcher named Janelle Shane who trains neural networks. She used these networks to created some ice cream flavours from a cross pollination of two small datasets: ice cream flavours, metal bands, and “flavours created by an Austin middle school coding class”. Shane then created some more.

Some of them are wackier than others but here are a few of my personal flavourites:

Mango Cats – A meowthful of tropical heaven.

Chocolate Peanut Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate – Yes, that’s four lots of chocolate and one lot of peanut.

Pumpkin Trash Break – Was the neural network poking fun at the popularity of pumpkin in Autumn?

Bloody Coffee – Straight to the caffeinated point or more macabre? Who knows!

Silence Cherry“Chocolate ice cream base with shredded cherry”, according to Cohen, but you won’t hear me say that.

You can read about the other weird and wonderful flavours on kottke.org.

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