Daredevil Writer Marco J. Ramirez to Write Akira Adaptation

Netflix series Daredevil has received rave reviews and it looks like one of its writers will be branching out into the world of anime adaptations. Marco J. Ramirez will be writing an adaptation of Akira for Warner Bros along with involvement from American Sniper’s Andrew Lazar and Leonardo Dicaprio’s production house Appian Way.

WB will hope to jump start the Akira engine after their failed attempt in 2012 which saw a project involving the likes of Ken Watanabe, Kristen Stewart and Helena Bonham Carter fall through due to casting, budget and script issues. Judging by how much Daredevil has been embraced, this might work out but trepidation around yet another Westernised remake of a Far Eastern classic is understandable. We don’t want another Oldboy.

(Image courtesy of Hitfix; news via Hopes & Fears)


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