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One of my favourite accounts on Twitter has to be @CoolFilmArt. It’s a treasure trove of, well, cool film art with incredible posters from all over the world. We spoke to Robyn, one of the curators of the account about its origins and some of her favourite film posters. So, how did the @CoolFilmArt account […]

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NOSFERATU - German Expressionist classic

German expressionism helped shaped cinema during the Modernist period. Open Culture have selected 10 iconic films to watch for free, from Nosferatu to the prophetic classic Metropolis. German Expressionism ended in 1933 when the Nazis came to power. They weren’t interested in asking uncomfortable questions and viewed such dark tales of cinematic angst as unpatriotic. […]

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Cat Boxing

Cats videos aren’t necessarily a modern idea. That’s what Atlas Obscura has suggested. The video, filmed by none other than Thomas Edison, shows two cats “boxing.” But don’t worry, no actual punches took place, just swipes in boxing gloves for about 30 seconds. Amongst his plethora of inventions, he was also a filmmaker. This cat […]

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Anatomy of a Murder 1959 Poster

Posteritati is home to over 40,000 movie posters from decades of cinema. The store/gallery is based in New York where you can purchase everything from a 1960s Swiss Scene Card of Casablanca for $150 to a 1933 Argentinian King Kong poster for $75,000. As well as posters, Posteritati also sell books. The ones that caught […]

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