Here’s How ASMR Gives You “Brain Orgasms”

A video of woman folding towels has garnered 850,000 hits.

But it’s not the technique that has people watching, rather her voice. Welcome to the world of ASMR.

For the sub-million people who have watched the 20-minute video, it’s all about a thing called autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR for short. It’s a neurological experience that results in a tingling sensation in the body from listening to soft voices and can cause people to experience “brain orgasms”. Trust me, it’s true.

“[…] ASMR has gone virtually unnoticed in scientific research which is why we wanted to examine whether watching ASMR videos reliably produces feelings of relaxation and accompanying changes in the body — such as decreased heart rate.”

Dr Giulia Poerio, of the University of Sheffield’s Department of Psychology (via Science Daily)

Just 30 seconds into watching the video myself, I felt butterflies in my head. And it’s not just regular people making ASMR videos. Cardi B rapped lines of Bodak Yellow in that manner for Radio 1 a while back and it was the most surreal feeling. Not only does it give your brain tingles, but you also feel it all over your body and it relaxes you. I often use it to de-stress and it has helped me with my mental health and puts me to sleep (in a good way).

But I’ll let you be the judge. *whisper* Stream it below.

(via Mental Floss)

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