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1 Thing All Women Should Own

Beyoncé - one of the greatest women alive

A Twitter friend of mine put me onto a ShortList article.

It was called “33 things all great men should own” and if the title didn’t make you cringe, the list certainly will. It starts with “At least one vinyl album from the 70s” because apparently, a record from 40 years ago is essential to maintain masculinity. Sorry, great masculinity. But rather than disparage the list further, I’ve decided to put together a list of my own. For women. It only has one item on it but it’s a pretty important one.

1. 2017

That’s it.

A rapper once said “I talk to women, I just can’t talk for women, that’s for you. We need women for that” and that statement has always stuck with me. Perhaps I’m talking for them with this article but I believe 2017 should be a year that all women be heard and unapologetically themselves without fear of persecution, ridicule or abuse. It’s also up to men to shut that shit down if women become victims of this. We’re days away from a dictator taking control of the USA and this is not a time for enabling.

Actually, can I add a second item to this list? It’s actually from the ShortList article…

2. A scarily sharp Japanese steel knife

You know, just in case. The Japanese know how to make sharp weapons.

(Saji Craft Santoku, £499)

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