20 Things That Have Happened Since Roger Federer’s First Professional Win

(Originally written on 8th July 2016)

By Sunday evening, Roger Federer will hope to be the first man to win the Wimbledon title eight times. With wins in the semi final and the final, he will have clocked 1081 wins in his professional career. At his current total, he has averaged around 60 wins a year. His first came back in 1998 against Guillaume Raoux in the Open de Toulouse. A lot has happened in the 18 years since that maiden victory and apart from the unprecedented number of grand slam victories, Federer’s career longevity seems to defy sporting logic in an time where younger players dominate. Let’s have a look at what’s happened since that first victory in 1998:

  • Serena Williams has won all of her 21 grand slam titles
  • The UK have had 3 prime ministers and 3 Archbishops of Canterbury
  • The US have had 3 presidents
  • The England national football team have gone through 9 managers
  • Manchester United have won 22 trophies, Manchester City has gone from the third tier of English football to the top of the Premier League (winning it twice) and Liverpool have spent nearly £750m on players but have yet to win their 19th league title
  • Marcus Rashford has gone from nappies to England caps
  • The price of oil has gone from $29/barrel to $116/barrel (and back down again)
  • JK Rowling has released 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books
  • The Euro has been introduced
  • Three Olympic Games have taken place (Federer will compete in his fourth in Rio)
  • Vladimir Putin has remained as Russian president
  • The Spice Girls have split up, reformed and split up again as well as Culture Club
  • MySpace thrives, dies, revives and continues on life support while Facebook has grown from a few users at Harvard to 1.65bn active users per month
  • Apple have released around 25 new products including the iMac, iPod and iPhone
  • Pluto has been relegated to dwarf planet status
  • Famous UK lottery winner Michael Carroll won £9,736,131 in 2002 and spent it all
  • Tiger Woods has won 13 more majors but none since 2008
  • Michael Jordan retired (again), returned (again) and retired (again)
  • Global warming has supposedly stopped since 1998 (thanks, Roger)
  • Oh, and just to illustrate just how incredible Federer’s career has been, he has won 92 singles titles, 26 ATP Masters 1000 titles, 6 year-end championships, two Olympic medals and seven 20+ match unbeaten runs (as of 28th June 2017)

(Good luck, Roger)

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