The Turing Phone That’s Tougher Than Steel

A phone named after one of the most influential men in computing and its tougher than steel and titanium? If you’ve not heard of the Turing Phone, now’s the time to familiarise yourself. Made from Liquidmorphium (an alloy of zirconium, copper, aluminum, nickel and silver), the Turing Phone comes with Android Lollipop, a 13MP HDR dual flash camera on the back and 8MP HDR on the front as well as a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. But apart from the rock hard frame, the Turing Phone also excels in security. The handset carries a security chip that “authenticates encryption locally” which means data is kept offline and reduces the risk of hacking and acts as a safer way to exchange data with other Turing Phone users. To top it all off, the phone is waterproof and charges via a magnetic charger (which does mean the phone is without a micro-USB port, unfortunately).




(via Mashable and CNET)

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