#SynchronisedCuppa – A Hashtag For Tea Drinkers

A cup of tea

Fancy a cup of tea? Hundreds do at exactly the same time thanks to #SynchronisedCuppa.

Despite the popular notion that Britain is a nation of tea drinkers, the country that consumes the most tea per person is actually Turkey (the UK is placed 5th, as of 2014). However, that hasn’t stopped a small but growing hashtag on Twitter related to the aromatic beverage. #SynchronisedCuppa requires participants to all have a cuppa at 3pm GMT and post images of said beverages.

From what started out as a joke has now spawned an official account and hundreds of tweets. Perhaps it seems a bit silly but the idea behind it has merits in bringing people together, which, in lieu of recent political events, might be a good thing. Who knows how far it could go and what it could achieve.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the @SyncCuppa Twitter account is no more but you can still take part at 3pm everyday.

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