SCIENCE: Mercury May Have A Liquid Core According To Study

Nasa’s MESSENGER probe has provided new data evidence showing a magnetic field around the planet Mercury that could be around four billion years old. The existence of this has been known by scientists for decades however, they were unsure the field’s longevity. The discovery has intrigued researchers who advised of its importance in knowing more about the planey but there have been more findings.

Taken from The Market Business:

  • The planet’s crust is thicker in low latitudes and thinner at the poles suggesting the planet could have a liquid outer core.
  • Its core is also large relative to the planet, comprising 85% of the planet’s radius, much more than Earth. This suggests a layer of liquid iron sulfide lies beneath Mercury’s crust, which would make the planet different to others in the solar system.

You can read more about these discoveries via Science Times, information on the probe’s last voyage via The Telegraph and watch a video of MESSENGER’s final images before crashing onto Mercury’s surface below.


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