15 Sci-Fidelity Pins from Super Team Deluxe


Super Team Deluxe is the best place for nerdy pins so you’ll love their Sci-Fidelity pins.

Recently, they released a new series called Sci-Fidelity: A Gallery of Miniature Proportions. Fans of Star Wars, Total Recall, and Stranger Things will enjoy the pins on offer with their quirky renditions. Your coat or bag will never look the same again, adorned with the finest enamel pins in the Milky Way. 15 pins flew into orbit today but some will be rare so grab them while they’re here.

UPDATE: As of 13th July, there are only 5 pins left and they’re all from the Alien series.

sci-fidelity pins

Beam up to Super Team Deluxe to find them.

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