RetroSpective: Bad Influence! (1992-1996)

CITV provided staple viewing in my childhood. Unfortunately, video games weren’t as prominent. That meant I missed Bad Influence! when it was on between 1992 and 1996. However, thanks to the joys of modern technology, a generous YouTube user has uploaded all the episodes so I can fill the gap.

“Bad Influence!” looked at video games and the innovative ways technology was being used at the time. The lead presenters were Violet Berlin and Andy Crane, along with impish Nam Rood, who gave out cheats throughout the show, and US reporter Z Wright.

There was also a running review section by teenager gamers and competitions. Games were given scores out of 5 and split between the girls and boys. I would have loved seeing this when I was younger but I appreciate it more now I have some of the consoles and I can actually play the games.

You can stream all four series below.

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