Photoshopped Image Wins Nikon Competition, Subsequently Faces Ridicule

If you’re going to cheat, do it properly. These words were unlikely uttered in the mind of Nikon competition winner Chay Yu Wei when he entered the following image into a Nikon giveaway. The photographer allegedly used his Nikon D90 to “capture a photo of a plane perfectly composed within the confines of a ladder leading up the side of the building.” On first glance and without thinking too much, that looks like quite an achievement. After all, what are the chances of catching the plane almost dead centre between the gap? Chay Yu Wei claimed it was luck on his Instagram post of the same image but Photoshop users or anyone who can tilt their screen can beg to differ. Try it now. Tilt your laptop backwards so the screen starts to go dim and you can clearly see the image has been composited. Worse still, Chay Yu Wei didn’t even bother to get ride of the white background of the plane image. The internet caught wind of this attempted hoodwink and, as you’d expect, decided to create some comedic rebuttals of their own.

Here are some of our faves and you can see more at DIY Photography.




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