Steve Reich-tone

Two iPhones ringing at slightly different tempos, a la Steve Reich's Piano Phase. (via kottke)


“Escape Attempts,” a new show at Shulamit Nazarian in L.A., revisits minimalism and through the work of seven contemporary female artists. Curated by Kathy Battista, director of contemporary art at Sotheby's Institute of Art. (via Artsy)

Less Buffalo Is More Buffalo

The longest sentence composed of one single word. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. One word, three meanings: the city of Buffalo, New York the verb, to buffalo, meaning "to bully, harass, or intimidate" or "to baffle" the animal (in North America bison are mistakenly called "buffalo")

Book-A-Minute Classics

We presume you've heard of CliffsNotes or literary abridgements but this really takes the biscuit. Book-A-Minute Classics condense classic literature down to a few sentences. This is clearly tongue-in-cheek but it's interesting to see the "essence" of some of the most famous novels in the English language in such a reduced form. Here's an example …

New York’s Met Museum Publish Over 375,000 Images For Free Use

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The Met Museum digitised their collection under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence meaning their 375,000 images are free for use without any cost or restrictions. Many of the images come from the late 19th century, when photography was in its infancy and back when albumen silver prints were in use. They …