New York City Council To Create Citywide Culture Plan

Culture and New York City go hand in hand. Everything from the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s to the birth of hip hop and the ballroom scene from the 80s and 90s, cultural diversity has thrived in the city that was once named New Amsterdam. But it seems many areas of New York are being ignored by those wanting to catch a culture trip, instead choosing sites like Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Centre. This, however, will all change thanks to the creation of a “comprehensive citywide cultural plan” that was passed last month by city council.

The plan will take around two years to complete and involve a survey of the city’s cultural life. “This is an opportunity to get to know the whole spectrum of culture in New York City, from a Sri Lankan dance troupe in Staten Island to the New York City Ballet,” says new cultural affairs commissioner, Tom Finkelpearl. It was said that the idea was brought to the authorities’ attention as far back as 2012 having seen a similar plan undertaken by Chicago but the city’s administration under Bloomberg deemed the proposals unnecessary.

From an outsider perspective, this plan seems like a brilliant idea. It gives a chance for the disenfranchised communities of New York to shine and hopefully avoid the ugly gaze of gentrification (if it hasn’t already).

(via Architectural Record)

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