Man Submits 52,438 Word Dissertation Without Punctuation And Passes

For those who have had the misfortune of writing a dissertation for their university degree – or any essay at school for that matter – you’ll know how hard it is to keep to a word count, let alone checking your spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. However, for one man, the latter was one load off his mind as his 52,438-word dissertation contained absolutely no punctuation whatsoever. Patrick Stewart wrote ‘Indigenous Architecture through Indigenous Knowledge’ without any commas, full stops or other such marks for a reason: to raise awareness about the “blind acceptance of English language conventions in academia” as well as making a point about Aboriginal culture and colonialism (his first draft was initially rejected because he wrote it in the Nisga’a language). “There’s nothing in the (UBC [University of British Columbia] dissertation) rules about formats or punctuation”, Stewart told the National Post. Well played, sir. If only I could have got away with that in my dissertation although personally, it seems more trouble than its worth.

(via Lost At E Minor)

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