Premiere Of HBO's "True Blood" 5th Season - Nelsan Ellis

RIP Nelsan Ellis

True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis has died of complications from heart failure. He was just 39. Here is a small sub-section of his career. My favourite moment is at 3:11.

The Addams Family Promo Video That Became Michael Jackson’s Ghosts

"Michael Jackson's Ghosts" is a short film starring the King of Pop made in 1996 but did you know it started life as a shorter film back in 1993? The original project was a 12-15 minute short promoting the new Addams Family Values movie but due to Michael's molestation allegations, the project was shelved. This didn't stop his motivation …

Vox Analyse The Economics Of Homer Simpson

With over 100 jobs, Homer Simpson has spread his labour over the last four decades. But how does Homer represent America? Vox did some calculations to see how he stands amongst the rest of the US and how he represents the middle class. (Full article including list of jobs)

The Machete Order – An Alternative Way To Watch The Star Wars Films

You thought Star Wars was only meant to be watched from I to VI (before the VII, VIII and IX come out) didn't you? Well, think again as an alternative order has been proposed called "The Machete Order". Absolutely No Machete Juggling writer Rod Hilton came up with the idea that suggests you watch the films …