A Quick Lesson in Semiotics

A drop in the semiotics ocean but a great introduction to a phenomenal subject. Signs and symbols are all around us and their meanings carry much more than we think.

How Gentle Voices Can Cause “Brain Orgasms”

A video of woman folding towels has garnered 850,000 hits. But it's not the technique that has people watching, rather her voice. For the sub-million people who have watched the 20-minute video, it's all about a thing called autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is a neurological experience that results in a tingling sensation in the body from listening to soft voices and can …

What Effects Can Video Games Have On Your Brain?

Over the past few weeks, a number of stories have come out based on scientific research and opinion related to video games and how they affect the brain. The most popularised opinion at the moment has come from leading psychologist Phillip Zimbardo who, as part of his latest book, Man (Dis)Connected, as warned of video games' damaging influence on young …