When Joanne the Scammer Visited Britain

When Joanne the Scammer Visited Britain

A very insightful 20-minute documentary on Branden Miller, the man behind Joanne the Scammer, and his journey to Britain for the first time. Getting to see both sides of the Joanne coin makes for interesting viewing and you become more appreciative of the performer as well as the performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5ed4cIzf_s

Pizza News

Pizza News #1

After a couple of years running a blog, you start to notice where your content leans subject wise. In the tag cloud to your right, you'll notice the word "pizza" is a lot bigger than other tags. That wasn't intentional, I just love pizza. So to make it "official", I'm starting a feature called Pizza …


will.i.am Can See the Future

I can't stop watching this video. Vic Berger is the master of comedic videosurrealism (that's not a thing, I just made it up) and for this particular short, he puts together clips of will.i.am being... will.i.am. The added sound effects perfect the oddities. Stream it below and you'll see what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGakbjwILKs