Figures engaged in dance known as 'The Lindy Hop' Artist:Miguel Covarrubias (Mexican, Mexico City 1904–1957 Mexico City)

Rhythm & Reaction – An exhibition about jazz in UK culture

2018 will bring with it a look at jazz's influence on UK culture over the last 90 years. Rhythm & Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain will run from Saturday 27th January to Sunday 22nd April 2018 at Two Temple Place, London. It will feature art, crafts, prints, music, and literature examining the power of …

Hibaq Osman - The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb

Hibaq Osman – The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb

The thing about blood it reeks of metal baby, aren't you sick of chains? Hibaq Osman is a Somali writer born and based in London. Her work centres women, identity and the healing process. The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb is a four-part anthology and you can download it via Google Drive and Zippyshare.

Book-A-Minute Classics

We presume you've heard of CliffsNotes or literary abridgements but this really takes the biscuit. Book-A-Minute Classics condense classic literature down to a few sentences. This is clearly tongue-in-cheek but it's interesting to see the "essence" of some of the most famous novels in the English language in such a reduced form. Here's an example …

Shelfie – The App That Let’s You Explore Bookshelves For Your Next Read

Shelfie gives a unique way of finding new books to read. Selfies have taken the world by storm and made narcissists out of us but "shelfies" are a little different. As the name suggests, they are photos of bookshelves, showcasing the varieties of reading material we all covet and (hopefully) read. There is an app …