Can You Name The Presidents Of The United States?

Put your social studies classes to good use by naming all the presidents of the United States.

We all know the current president and his orange brand of fascism, but can you name the other 44 presidents of the United States? I know I couldn’t (I only got 16). Test your knowledge with this Sporcle quiz and while you’re at it, take a look at some of these facts about them all via KQED.

  • This president’s dentures weren’t made of wood. They were made of “hippopotamus ivory, bone, animal and human teeth, lead, brass screws and gold wire”.
  • This president was his high school’s head cheerleader.
  • This president has two Grammys (both spoken word albums).
  • While living in Indonesia, this president had a pet ape called Tata.
  • This president vomited all over the Japanese Prime Minister.
  • This president’s daughter hosted her senior prom at the White House.
  • One of them had a morning ritual where someone would rub Vaseline on his head while he ate breakfast.
  • This president met his wife in Sunday school when he was six.
  • This president’s son had two pet alligators who ran around the White House grounds and spoke Mandarin in private conversations with his wife.

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