A Gold Experience

For my 10th birthday, I got a Gameboy Color. I cried when I unwrapped it because a few months prior, my original Gameboy DMG was stolen along with 10 games. I also got a gold cover for it but I’ve yet to find another since. Thanks to people like D*nald Tr*mp, gold can seem tacky in excess but that needn’t be the case. Here’s a series of images showcasing the precious metal in all its splendour.

MJ, Eddie Murphy, and Iman

Carbon & Carbide Building in Chicago

Black and Gold

Goldie Lips

Mysterium Wine

Michael Jackson in Gold

Madlib - The Gold Hand

Golden Light


Gold and Concrete Lamp

Bo Burger & Fries Branding

Brutal Honey Custom Nikes

Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer

Golden Wheels

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